Free Video Tutorials ~ Golden Crackle Paste And Image Transfers

I just uploaded an online video tutorial of how I work with Crackle Paste and Transferred Images. I broke it up into 10 short segments to make the videos digestible. I am providing these free of charge as I am so grateful for all the free info that is on the web these days. However, I have posted donation buttons all over the place :). If you want to encourage me to do more tutorials please donate as they take more time than you can imagine to edit and upload. If you already do videos like this then I am sure you already know and I am preaching to the choir!
#1 Intro
#2 Finding and Using Copyright Free Images
#3 Applying the Golden Crackle Paste
#4 Laying Down the Image
#5 Revealing The Image
#6 Setting The Image
#7 Tinting The Plaster
#8 Before You Varnish
#9 Finishing and Varnishing
#10 Final Thoughts and How the other piece turned out.


  1. Carrie I am so excited to get to look at this. You have worked so hard and diligent.You are just as I thought you would be, a real doll. Thanks again for your hard work so the rest of us could learn.

  2. I just got this question from someone, "I was curious how you added color directly to the transfer? More of the same washes w/ acrylics? Did you say markers or ink?"

    Yes. I drew in shapes and pulled out features on her figure with a sharpie and then I did very light washes of color with a paintbrush using acrylic paint and lots and lots of water. I was going to include this in the video but this was taking so long already. Maybe when I catch up on some painting and selling I can edit that one if it seems like people want to see it. Thanks!

  3. Oh and I didn't use any medium just water but you could.

  4. Okay I just realized watching this that I edited out a bit on my theory about the cracking within the image lol. When you lay the image in with just your hands it leaves air bubbles. Where the air bubbles are ...cracking will occur.

  5. Wow Carrie, thanks for sharing your techniques. There was so much information! This is something I will go back and watch over and over to make sure I learned everything and just to refer back to. I was always scared to use this because I did not know enough about it and now I am so excited to try it!!
    Thanks for all your hard work. (hugs) Vickie

  6. Carrie, I just finished your tutorial. You did a beautiful job of presenting. I have learned so much from you. I again thank you for sharing your talent and knowledge with so many. You are God's little helper in making this earth more peaceful and beautiful.

    Now I have a few question's. Have you ever used those disposable brushes for your gluing and varnish work?

    The last step where you let the varnish dry, by putting the art on cardboard. You mentioned lifting the painting so there is no sticking. Have you tried to set it on a large round juice can? The painting could drip freely off the sides with no chance of sticking. Would it work? In this way you could walk away and not worry about sticking. I guess you could even varnish the side's.

  7. Thank you all!!! Nina they are not disposable at least not for me...the wide flat brushes I think you are talking about and yes they are great for that. I used to put the paintings on glass jars and yes it works too! I am in and out of the studio so I just pop em up now. I do varnish the sides but still a little will stick. Glad you got something out of it! Hope you try it and would love to hear about your experience.

  8. Hey Carrie Joy! Heard about you from Diane's blog. Your art is amazing! Look forward to visiting your tutorial and mentioned you on my blog

  9. Just watched your tutorial and it's amazing! So much to learn from you! And now I want to start trying this right away! LOL Thank you soo much for sharing this!! :)

  10. do you ever use Inktense colored pencils?

  11. Cathy I have never used them but would love to try them.

  12. Hi Carrie! I am going to post a photo on facebook where i used a black and white image that I had colored with Inktense pencils before using the paste. I think the moisture in the paste set the Inktense, and it turned out pretty the color is in like with a color printer, but you use the pencils instead.... Cool!