Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trying to find her way through insight that is best found in the mystery of darkness.

This lady is in the same vein as the one below. She is titled "Finding Her Way" and I think she , like "Reflections" below, has some sort of mythological feeling about her. These paintings are probably also a reflection of how I am feeling right now. There has been so much new ground lately and I am trying to find my feet. I am sure we all feel this way at different points in our life so maybe you will be able to relate to her. Enjoy!

I also want to get better photos of her - she is an oil painting so not quite dry yet and getting a lot of glare.

Blessings to you all --- off to shower, feed the pets and get ready to enjoy dinner with our friends and neighbors!


  1. Oh man, I love your paintings! So beautiful and they tell such a story!

    Julie Fillo

  2. What lovely paintings! Nice to meet you :) this painting has such movement and love the colors~~

  3. She's just beautiful!!!


  4. I love this painting. Simply gorgeous!