Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Van Grow

This painting was done on 9 x 12 hand crafted wooden cradled canvas. I buy these from Mountain Laurel Folk Art . I have struggled with the wood for some time now. The wood is so much thirstier than canvas which is what I have a lot more experience with.
But now I have finally gotten the colors and textures where I want them. I layered lots of paint which really gives the colors a lot of depth. I used a matte gel medium which I just love. It's made by Stephen Quiller and the products are great. This particular medium can also be used as a photo transfer medium. You can paint it on a photocopied image and then wash off the paper when it dries and have a film of the image. I haven't had a lot of success with that yet but when I get the hang of it I will put it on the blog.
I wanted the image to be about growth and flowers reaching to the sun and the sun reaching to the flowers. My fiancee said it reminded him of Van Gogh and that I should name it Van Grow. He thinks he's so funny :)
See you all soon.

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