Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The pose of these two women was inspired by the dance of the three graces in Botticelli's "La Primavera."
I will probably revisit those three again and again because they are just so beautiful and if you pick apart the composition it is just genius. Full of triangles and what they call "golden sections." Following their postures was very similar to when I paint esoteric symbols like the Celtic Knots - over and under - and it becomes quite meditative and I am tired at the end.
The harmony between the women in his painting reminded me of friendship thus the title.
As usual I had a hard time capturing the blue in the photos. The background is warmer than shown here. To me blue is so important and always so difficult to translate on the internet. Ah well.......
Hope you all are having a great week.
Warmest wishes,


  1. this is really lovely! And what movement. Your paintings are just beautiful!~