Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ebay is really irking me.

Firstly, I want to say thank you so much for your comments on my last blog entry.  I really appreciate hearing what other artists think about that subject.  It has been very encouraging.  Above is Bearing The Apple, either my homage or apology to Raphael depending on your taste!

Secondly, I just have to say that ebay has become such a disappointment these past couple of years.  They are so sneaky with their fee system.  When I looked up how fees are calculated, their fee schedule page states 8.75% of the first $25 and then 3.5% of the rest of your sale up to $1,000.  However, now they don't charge an insertion fee on your first five listings and charge 8.75% of the total sale at the other end.  Maybe that would be okay if it was clear from the beginning but it is hard to find where that is stated.  Now they also own paypal so they get another cut at the other end.  If you state on your listing that you are wiling to accept another form of payment they pull your listing and you lose the insertion fee money.  If you link to your blog or website they also pull your listing.  Hopefully, they won't read this post and pull my listing! They pretty much get between 20 and 25% of my total sales - hmmph.  I believe in capitalism and I hate to whine but I just feel the way they go about it is very sneaky and borders on unethical.

I have gotten so many wonderful collectors from Ebay and for that I will be forever grateful.  However, I think I am going to start to step up my efforts to move the majority of my art to Etsy.  Etsy has been fantastic - I just don't get as much exposure there.  I am going to start by stating on my Etsy page that I am willing to take offers - the price listed is suggested.  One of the nice things about the ebay format is that the market can kind of determine your paintings sale price.  Especially with the way the economy is right now.  I would always rather a sale at a reduced price than no movement.  Just thinking out loud and would love to hear ideas or other people's experiences.



  1. I don't like paying the hefty fees either. I do like to keep in mind though, that if I were to pay rent for a business I would pay far more than what I pay in ebay and paypal fees. I would also have utlities expenses and wouldn't get nearly as much exposure. The added bonus also is, I get to sit in my pj's and do business. No expense in gas to get to a place a business, wear and tear on tires, etc. I guess, for me, it's just weighing the good and bad, and trying not to get caught up in the bad that is having to dish out money that should rightfully be all mine. I think if you stick it out, you are going to be making more money than you ever thought you could. Thus far, you are at least my favorite folk artist on eBay. Your work is very different, and need I say beautiful.

  2. Tell me about it... I just tried to sell something for the first time (a hat) and was annoyed to find I have to offer free postage – which means I have to increase my starting bid (funny that, considering the 'Bay get a cut of your final selling price).

    They pulled my listing anyway, because I said 'make me an offer' in the description – which I intended as an invitation to bid, but they interpreted as an attempt to circumvent their site.

    A simple polite request from the, and I'd have removed or changed it, but they just pulled it without consultation. Quite frustrating, really.

  3. Thanks to both of you for commenting. I agree ebay is a wonderful way for an artist to do business but it is just things like The Eyechild commented on that are annoying. I find them a bit rude. Ah well - I am going to let it go and appreciate the good stuff!