Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Golden Ratio: 1- faces, 1- apples, 2- bottoms, 3 - The Dance

I am struggling with translating how much this golden ratio has opened up for me...it really isn't that egghead...it's just like anything else ...you can take the principle and get complicated and intricate but really it is basically intuitive....but as soon as I start posting triangles and numbers I think everyone just shuts down...I know I did until I was able to find an in at an emotional level...the awesome thing about it is it allows just about anything to work...I struggled for a long time with that aspect of painting...composition, balance...probably due to lack of training. I read recently (and this just goes to show how little "experts" can know) that Botticelli's Birth of Venus is "misproportioned but somehow works"...that's what the scholar said,,,,further research and I discovered it worked because he built her in the golden ratio....I think formal education is over rated....


  1. Carrie, I love this Golden Ratio. I am trying it on my new painting. I don't know if I am doing it right but I am going to give it a try.
    I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Boy I'm I slow...But after reading your explanation of the golden ratio again (ok maybe 3 agains) it clicked. You had stated it so simply but I was making it so compicated in my mind. OK! now to implement it in my next painting. Sharing knowledge benefits all...

  3. I did a paining of my version of Botticellis Birth of venus and used the ratios suggested by Dan Nelson in his video I was telling you about. Wonder if it is the same as the Golden ratio?

  4. Joji I will have to watch...I would gather it probably is....

  5. Joji I watched the video ...he is talking more about proportions in the human body...those are important and I have studied them at length for a long time....the golden ratio is a little different but also the same ...our bodies and faces naturally fall into the golden ratio....oooh now it sounds complicated again I think....sorry :) just keep going ...you'll find your way and would love to see what you come up with.....

  6. Nice to find your blog...I didn't know you were in Cary. We have family there! Love you work!

  7. wonderful


  8. Great I found your blog! Your paintings are gorgeous! When I have more time I want to visit your blog again!
    Have a wonderful art filled day!
    Gaby xo