Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thank you giveaway!!!

So far these are the two prints that people seem to be requesting for my card giveaway.
Update to my card giveaway!  If you have donated, bought something from my Fine Art America store, bought something from my zazzle shop, commented on my blog, commented on my fb page ....I will be happy to send you a signed card that you can give as a gift or slip into a frame.  Just email me your address if you want a signed card. 

  After the holidays are over, I am going to be sending a card of one of my paintings to everyone that bought from me in 2010 as a thank you, thank you, thank you! The card will be mailed with a stiff backing so that it arrives safely for framing, I will also sign it on the back. If you bought a painting, I already have your address. However, if you bought a card or a print from Fine Art America or an item from Zazzle, you need to email me your address if you would like to receive a card. I would also love to hear suggestions on which print I should use for my thank you card gift giveaway! You can email me at with your address. Blessings!

Oh and there will not be a watermark carrie joy art on the card.  :)


  1. Do I count as a blog/Facebook person???? If so, I vote for the madonna or for your European Peasant girl, so pretty!!

  2. Of course you count!!! Not to mention, everyone that participated in the traveling painting will get one. Cathy, which one is the peasant girl? Do you mean that most recent one I did with oils?