Friday, February 4, 2011

Painting with my friends!

I am cleaning out and organizing the studio.  This was a project I worked on this week. .....When our dog Finnbar was a puppy, he dug, bit and chewed until he made himself a perfect doorway in the lattice work of the deck; providing himself with a doorway which allowed him a wonderful romp around the neighborhood with Jay and I chasing in our flip flops thrown on over socks. This lattice was left over from the repairs so I made an art board out of it. I like to change out different pictures and this works perfectly. I also added some wine corks so I can use those for thumb tacks. My absolutely MOST favorite part of this board is that I am able to stick all the little cards and inserts that I have gotten from my art friends from giveaways, purchases and gifts. I love being surrounded by their love, talent and support. Terra Sheridan, Janine Parr Heifetz, Charlotte Foley Phillips, Deb D'Onofrio and Lulu Mypinkturtle are all up there on that board! (If I forgot someone I'll add it later!)

Oh and that card on the top right was given to me by Janine but the artist is Sandy Mastroni and I think she is on Etsy.


  1. Do you think that you will put any of your blue people on T shirts or your trailer trash painting?

  2. Thanks Marianne! It works great because of the crevices in the weave.
    @Janet, I think you meant to post that on Joji's blog, she's the one doing those fabulous blue people and I think she does have tee's or would design some for you.

  3. I love Sandy M! she has such a unique vision of the world and its crazy people!!

  4. How inspiring! Always nice to be surrounded by friends:)