Sunday, October 25, 2009

Commission Completed! Song of Angels is Done!

Okay this is the final product.  We worked on Mary's nose a lot.  It helped me to hear what details were important to the buyer- Mary's nose was.  As you other artists know there are a million details that we could noodle and it could take years to do one painting if we let it!  She also asked if I could add the headbands which I thought was a great touch.  I added the Dove in the corner- actually the Dove added Himself - he kind of appeared in the brushstrokes but he did take work so that it didn't distract from the rest of the painting.  The original painting had a lot of warm tones in the foreground which I morphed into flowers.  I like flowers and I wanted them to grow around Mary and Jesus.  Well - hope I didn't ramble too much but read what you want and leave the rest behind.



  1. Just gorgeous! I can see it gracing the walls of a cathedral in Europe.
    You breathe such life into your paintings!

  2. Great job!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!!

  3. It is truly a Master Piece! It must have been a wonderful experience.. well done!

  4. Wow! Wow! Wow! Incredible!!!! It takes my breath away!

  5. Outstanding. Gorgeous.

    Renee xoxo