Friday, November 20, 2009

A prayer for those who are suffering

The holidays can be a very happy, spirited time.  For some, at some points in their lives, the holiday season can bring more sadness than joy.  Rather, it can highlight the sadness that is already there.  For all who are lonely or faint of heart during the holiday season please know my heart yearns for your comfort.  Who knows if this helps? - I hope it does.  I keep painting little prayerful paintings, hoping they bring something to the world.  Some sort of peace or redemption .... not sure.  I know I probably will never know for certain but I keep going.... 

If you believe in prayer, take a moment and pray with me for all who suffer.  If you believe in something - take that moment with me.  If you are suffering, then take a moment and take it in. 



  1. Carrie, such a moving post! Know that the love and beauty of your paintings is a comfort unto itself. ♥

  2. Carrie what an incredible post. Both the painting and the words.

    The painting of course is gorgeous.

    What a wonderful idea to donate to a cause, I hope you find a good one.

    And by the way, I kind of smirked in a disgusted kind of way with that soundless staurday picture too. Pathetic to say the least; that whole family and their charade of a life.

    Love Renee xoxo