Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sleep Little One

18 x 18 Acrylic On Canvas

I believe every baby has at least one angel.  This is a very special time.

 I really love these backgrounds that I have been playing around with lately.  They take about four steps.  First I do a thin layer - with a lot of water - big blocks of color.  Then a bit of a thicker layer - more blocks of color.  Sometimes I do this again.  I use a pretty big brush for the background.  Then I mix the over layer - depending on what kind of colors I want in the painting but it is chalky and sort of gray - sometimes a gray green or a grey blue etc.  I thin this with a lot lot lot of medium and brush loosely over the whole background.  It ties it all together and the the blocks of color show through.  I purposely don't brush over certain areas to give it an old distressed feel - esp the edges.  I got the idea from some Renaissance paintings I was looking at where they have the chipping stone walls in the background. 


  1. This painting is so beautiful! That sweet baby's face is that of an angel. And what great insight to different interesting! ; )

  2. Oh this is just beautiful. I just love your paintings sooo very much! So touching.

  3. i am so bummed I missed out on this! i had the highest bid for a while, but was out of reach of the computer today....sigh......