Monday, December 21, 2009

Jingle Bell Booby Trap Worked!

Just thought I would let you all know that Finn gave a wide berth to the Christmas Tree once we hung the rope of jingle bells around the tree.  He really doesn't care for them at all!
 We just got new furniture so we thought we would hang them around the furniture too since it worked so well with the tree.  We have had a bare livingroom for almost a year and it is so nice to have "real" furniture.  This was our Christmas present to each other and I couldn't be happier.  We are starting to build a home!
The wall unit came with the house we are renting.  It had a great fold out shelf - I thought it was just made to be a bar and source of books.  It reminds me of old 50's or 60's shows and movies where there are always bookcases and fold out bars.  Excuse the mess we just had company!


  1. Your living room looks so warm and inviting. The furniture is lovely!
    Poor Finn! Let's hope that Santa's reindeer don't make too much noise on Christmas Eve or he'll be hiding under the bed. :0)

  2. Nice picture of Finn. He's a cutie.
    I wish you the best building a new home.
    Happy Holiday.

  3. What a cutie! It's so much fun dressing your nest:) Just wanted 2 wish u and yours HAPPY HOLIDAYS;)

  4. It looks wonderful Carrie.

    Love Renee xoxo