Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Our Lady

Our Lady of the Annunciation
16 x 20

This painting is my version of a painting done by Antonella da Messina named Our Lady of the Annunciation and dating from about 1475. I have only recently become familiar with the many classic paintings of "The Annunciation". The Annunciation is a common theme, a depiction of the angel visiting Mary and telling her about her impending virgin pregnancy. What a shocker huh? Anyway, the paintings usually show the Angel and Mary and Mary usually looks uncertain to say the least. I loved Messina's version because it is a close up shot of Mary's face. I love the emotion I was able to capture in my version of the painting. To me her face has this wise resolve.  Almost like she's thinking okay  - let's do it.

I love the hands too, which I took from Messina. She is almost lit up by the angel you can't see in the painting. Another interesting point is that in all the classic paintings of The Annunciation, Mary has a book. I have heard that this is to highlight the fact that she was educated. She is also usually in a garden, thus the trees in the background which Messina didn't include but I wanted to add them.

It was very rainy today so again I had to shoot pix in the studio. The full version shows the painting on my easel and is pretty accurate - at least on my monitor.   I did the background with my dripping, weeping paint that I use sometimes.

This is a 5 day listing! Ends Sunday 12/20. I am shipping right away these days for the holidays. I don't see why I couldn't get it to you by Christmas. If you need it by a certain date please let me know and I will do my very best.

Thank you for coming by.

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