Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is how she turned out and I am very happy with her. I knew she was going to be Maia from the get go. Maia - the earth Goddess radiates heat and brings everything to life. I wanted to make her face from all different flowered papers along with some home made paper. She started out great and then I got a little stuck. Luckily, my husband comes in handy at this point. I bring his fresh eyes and his degree in Art History into the studio and he always opens the door for me. He took one look at her in her earlier stage and said you need to balance the reds and make the flowers bigger - voila - he saved me hours of looking at her upside down - which is one of the tricks to figure out what is wrong with a painting. Thank you John!

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  1. Whatever he did for you must be working cause she is beautiful!!!