Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A couple tricks and an old train case....

 I have always been hungry for information about painting so I thought I would share a little bit.  This is an old train case.  It was meant for a lady traveling, with a place for cosmetics and a mirror so she always looked her best.  It may have been my great grandmother's, I'm not sure.  I stole it from my mother's basement.  Ooops she probably knows now.  Hope she's not too upset.   Anyway, while I am painting I often pop it open to look at my hand or face in the mirror to check proportions, shading etc.   I also hold back up paint in there.  It has become so valuable to me and helps the ladies to look their best.   If I can't get the right angle and I am struggling I also sometimes take a picture of myself in the pose I want so I can make sure all the angles are falling correctly.  The photos are just awful, otherwise I would share.  They are just quick snaps and I look weird but they do the trick.  These recent discoveries have been a real time saver.  

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  1. Happy to have discovered your beautiful work. I take pictures of my hands and feet, too:-)