Saturday, March 6, 2010

I got to go to Grittyjane's show!

Well by such good luck I happen to live not too far (about a 45 minute drive) from the place where grittyjane has a show going on right now.  My husband took some pix of us but they all came out blurry.  This is the least blurry one.   I look a little stiff - probably because I was so excited to meet Jane in person.   As you probably would imagine the art looks soooo amazingly rich and beautiful in person.   If I would have been thinking I would of tried to get some good pix of the art but maybe she will be sharing on her blog.   
We just could not get a good picture!


  1. Oh Carrie, it was so nice to meet you. Thank you for making it out. That first pic IS pretty rough...but whatever!! the others are so fun. i took tons of photos last nigh and most all were really bad. Gonna go back today in daylight and take some good ones of the art and the little town. Thanks again. =) Jane

  2. How wonderful that must have been!! Grittyjane is the first angel artist that I found on the internet--since then, I've found many--both of you are so talented--have you ever had a show? It would be equally as amazing, believe me.

  3. Two of my favorite artists in the same place at the same time!! Cool!! I have been watching your art, both of you, for quite a while, and love seeing you bloom and grow. I have one of Joy's paintings, and a couple of Jane's prints blissfully displayed on the wall in my house! Love to you both!
    Cathy G.