Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Healing Heart - Listening to our dreams and our art.....

I got terrible pictures yesterday so I thought I would share some better ones today.  
.The story behind this painting:  I am a big believer in listening to your dreams - I mean the dreams we have at night while we are sleeping.  We all dream and I think dreaming is the psychiatrist/spiritual counsel that God gave all of us.  I have been dreaming about healing/watching a golden heart (to really summarize) so I often put whatever I am working on in my dreams into my art.  I figure it kills some birds with a stone.  Sometimes though if I am working on it in my waking/sleeping life then it also snags me in my painting.  
This painting was a bear for me.  Something was wrong that I just couldn't figure out.  Finally, I realized she wasn't taking up enough space, at that point she just had this big blue wall behind her.  Hmmmm, leading with your heart makes you feel powerless maybe?  Ha ha. 
So I went back to the good old impressionists with their crazy compositions and came up with this.    I added a door, a ceiling, a turn in the wall and most importantly the screen which mirrors her and makes her bigger.   She is still a little nervous about leading with her heart not her head but she's taking her first steps!