Sunday, March 7, 2010

Not finished yet but coming soon!

Well this is a lady I have been working on.  She is so close to completion and I am looking forward to listing her.  This obsessive studying of the Renaissance and now Impressionism has opened up doors in my my art and my heart.   This pic was taken indoors but I just wanted to share.  She wil probably be ready to go tomorrow or Tuesday.  My husband said he is going to miss all the paintings hanging around these last couple weeks but we both know this is how the creative process works.  Keep moving......

Oh and I just wanted to say to you all --- I LOVE reading your comments.    I try to visit all those who comment but don't always get around to responding but believe me, I notice them and enjoy them so much so Thank You! 



  1. Thank you for starting out my morning--your a just such a talent!

  2. Okay, I just read my comment--I may not have worded it right--but you know what I mean :)

  3. Carrie, I just LOVE all your artwork! Especially the impressionistic work is amazing. Can't wait to see this one finished.

  4. Just beautiful as always! Can't wait to see the finished piece! : )