Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In The Garden - she's done!

Well I actually finished her yesterday but I usually like to give it a day or two.  This way I can look with a fresh and eye and make sure the painting is finished.  Also, I noticed sometimes the colors "sink" as they dry and I need to retouch their vibrance.  Not with her though, she was just fine again today. 

I am a member of grittyjane's ning network for faces and figures and she had this GREAT idea for us to share non copyright photos to work from.   This angel came from a photo an artist so kindly shared of her mother.   This angel's pose was taken from that photo.  Of course, the tapestry background was added.   I also put in this flowery dress.  I am not going to lie - I actually took the wings and halo from imagination too.   I changed her face because...I don't know the emotion on the faces is usually something that comes from within.  The photo was black and white which helps assess values.  The colors are greatly inspired by this Impressionist kick I am on.   Oh I could go on and on but it is probably getting boring so here she is!  Up on ebay tonight.