Sunday, April 25, 2010

Don't forget your garden!

I love pinks and greens.  In Eastern religions and philosophies they are the colors of the heart.  

 I remember when I was about 15 my mother said we could repaint my room and I could pick the colors.  I remember looking at all those little chip cards.  I always loved those!   We didn't have a car and even if we did - the local hardware store was where people went.  I don't think there were all those Lowes and Home Depots at that time.   We showed the merchant the colors - a  pale soft green  for the ceiling and a  pale soft pink for the walls and a satiny white trim paint.   He shook his head - that isn't something you are going to be happy with.  He seemed exasperated - "You can't paint the ceiling a color."

My heart just dropped and then my mother looked up from our paint chips and said - "Are you a 15 year old girl that wants her room to look like a garden?"  He had to admit he wasn't.  Alright then she said - this is what it will be - let's mix the paint.   I painted the room myself and then I free hand painted ivy all along the top of the walls.   I took the pattern from a wedgewood plate my mother had.   I have to say that man was wrong about that room.  My mother was right - it was my garden.  

I hope you all remember your gardens!


  1. LOVE that story, and your mother for letting you express yourself--she helped you become what you are today!

  2. Hermoso, hermoso todo tu trabajo!! ¡Me encanta!

  3. She looks like Amy Pond out of uk doctor Who.