Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank you to the ladies who carved our paths....

I like to buy art books off the bargain shelf at Barnes & Noble.   This week I found a book on Impressionism for under $5.   Excellent!   I came across the painting shown below.  The artist's name is Berthe Morisot.  She and Cassatt were the only two female painters that managed to show their work and earn  recognition during the Impressionist movement.  
The Cradle
Berthe Morisot

I couldn't believe I didn't know about her!  So I started looking at all her different works and it turns out I did know about her.  I recognized many of her paintings and have often used them for color inspiration.   I became fascinated with her and was curious what she looked like. 
I found the following painting of her done by her good friend Manet.
Portrait of Berthe Morisot
Her ability to connect with other artists was limited by the conventions of the time.   As a woman she was not as free to frequent the cafes where there was inspiration and discussion.  However, she still managed to exhibit and influenced Manet's style and pallette. 
Well Done Berthe and Thank You so much for your Courage and Perseverance!


  1. Carrie, I've missed your posts--I'm glad your back :) And I'm glad that you found that book. How interesting about the female artists from this era. I love your painting of The Cradle-just so perfect!! I also love the portrait by Manet.

  2. Diane - Oh how sweet - thank you! I know! I had a bit of artist's block and then taxes due and then the house was a mess and on it goes.... ha ha....been meaning to blog for awhile now.


  3. Hi Carrie---good to hear from you again!
    Check the books at your local library's book store. You can get some really outstanding buys on books that have been discarded or donated to the library. I got a beautiful picture book of the British Royal Galleries today for 50 cents, a discard that hadn't been checked out in a long time...