Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Breathing In.....

I have had such a frustrating time lately with the paintings.   I am very happy with every painting I have produced this last month but they have come so slowly and taken every bit of juice I have.   A couple months ago it was all pouring out so easily and I thought well now I have got it.   It will never be hard again.  Ooops - not quite.  

Although I am not anywhere near planning this long of a hiatus - I do remember seeing in a documentary on John Lennon - when asked why he hung up his guitar for a couple years, he said, "sometimes you have to breathe in"
Of course then he wrote an album in a week after that- I can only hope.

I think I need to breathe in.   I have worked so hard on making a go of making a living as an artist that I have breathed out too much.  So I am taking a little - teeny - tiny break.   Just a few days.   I put this painting up tonight for 7 days so I will still have something floating out there this Sunday.   I will be back refreshed Monday Morning.  

Hope you all enjoy Lady Madonna- I think she is just great and came from deep within.



  1. Hi Carrie, Remember all the great Masters took months to complete paintings, sometimes years ( I know some had crews w/ the big ones ), but so many new artists try to get their paintings out too quickly to get them on the market. Giving yourself the needed extra time will only make your artwork even better. Since your paintings are already wonderful...that just means added wonder to your work. It is a blessing that it is taking you longer ! take care, Gina

  2. I totally understand. Hang in there...inspiration will come again. You are an artist. You are an artist. You are an artist. Something new is just around the corner...BREATHE IN...and do what is in front of you. If painting is a struggle, don't do it for a bit...that is part of being a full time artist (I am saying this for myself to hear as well).

    After I did all that art for the show you went to, I crashed. I hit a low I have not been at before. It's like someone hit the freeze button and nothing moved in my studio for many days. I would walk in there and turn around and walk out. But I am feeling inspiration return (praise God!) and it will return for you too. You are going to come back with a newness.

    Love, Jane

  3. I get the same way. Lately my slope is because it's so nice outside and I want to plant flowers and take walks. Plus, my 2nd son is graduating and I have a ton of house cleaning to do and I want to enjoy what remains of his senior year in a calm state. The ideas for painting are making a comeback though, but I know I can't work as fast as they come. I can try, but won't. Take a break if your mind is telling you. For me I paint a lot better when I do.

    It's been a while since I visited your blog. Great paintings!

  4. I'm glad it's just a teeny break! Don't ever stop! xo