Thursday, April 22, 2010

Prints and tutorials and Gritty Jane.....Please do tell!

Hi all.   Do you ever have those days where your mind is spinning with ideas but your body is too tired to keep up.   So frustrating but I have learned ever so slowly to let myself rest and let it all sink in.  I really have wanted to do prints for so long but was so unsure about all the options.   Do you get the artwork profressionally scanned?  (extremely expensive)   Do you take your own images?   How?  Is my camera good enough?  What kind of camera is the best?  Camera Settings?  Should I sign the prints?  Number them?  

I took grittyjane's tutorial on mounting prints to wood - mainly for the print part of the lesson - hoping she would share some of that and she did.   I am pretty familiar with mounting and painting mediums all from lots of trial and even more error but I still did pick up loads of tricks. 

I am so unfamiliar with doing prints which is the main reason I took the tutorial and she really is such a sharer.   Thanks Jane. 

Anyway I really hope to get my ducks in a row and have prints available.  Maybe mounted?  Maybe embellished so they are more original.   I would love to hear comments about what you as artists have experienced with prints and what you as artists and buyers would like to have available to buy.   I think prints are great because they let everyone share and I still want them to be a special experience.   Well there is my musing for the day. 

Oh and you all should check out Jane's tutorial (I linked to her tutorial here for your convenience)   It's $10 which made it easy for me to investigate.   Even if you are not a painter you can learn how to mount photos and prints that you like.


  1. Lindie, this post was from quite some time ago. I don't know if she still offers that class but she has always got some great classes going on, her blog is