Monday, April 5, 2010

Namaste - I bow reverentially to you.

Well week 1 was full of surprises and lessons.  It was a beautiful week and such a reminder that when you sincerely put out a call God, Love, Life answers.

For my week of brotherly love I tried to think of imagery that represents that concept.   I thought it would be nice to have two women bowing to each other.   I tried to sketch it out but it was harder than I anticipated to get the proportions and angles correct so I took a picture of myself and mirrored it in my photoshop program. 

I just love the symmetry, harmony, colors and textures for this painting.   I think keeping a feeling in mind while painting really helped the painting flow.

Today will start a new week and I haven't put my hand in the box yet.....hmmm what's next?

I was also working on a series of churches for a commission this week and simultaneously my husband and I found a church to go to - I am going to blog about that tomorrow with some pix.