Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Full Breath.....

Not only have I been blessed with a wonderful husband but along with him came a beautiful, loving, generous family.   John's parents invited us to visit with them at the beach in SC last weekend and it was just what the Dr. ordered.  We had the best time.   There is something so magical about the Ocean.   We mostly relaxed but we did go kayaking which was a lot of fun.
I think my ladies followed me!

I came home refreshed and the ideas are flowing again.   Thank You!


  1. Oh, it sounds like such a restful relaxing little getaway and you're right :) your ladies DID follow you!

  2. You look so refreshed in the photos! What a happy couple! :0)
    Glad you are painting again!

  3. You are both just the cutest couple ! Glad you had fun, Gina

  4. This is a beautiful painting; I love the flowing lines of her dress and hair.

  5. Thank you Carrie!!! For me was a big honor your visit!!! I love, love, love your work. You're a grat artist!!!