Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Enchanted by Contrapposto

I am working on a commission and painted this lady to sort of warm up.   I use this pose a lot in my art - I just really love it.   It turns out to be called Contrapposto and has been an important element of painting and sculpture.   It is when a figure is standing with their weight on one foot and sort of twisting from the hips.   It has been important because it captures a psychological disposition in a pose.   To me it is an extremely emotional stance. 

I also thought I would share my pallette.   I often wonder what colors artists use so I will try to remember....
Van Dyke Brown
Red Oxide (I have recently fell in love with this color- but a little bit goes a long way)
Yellow Ochre
Aliziran Crimson
Chromium Oxide Green
Permanent Green Light
Hookers Green (Liquitex - it makes a difference - Golden's Hookers is much darker)
Hooker's Green (Golden)
Ultramarine Blue
Prussian Blue
maybe Cobalt?
Oh for the skin I pretty much always use the same colors with a few exceptions.  
Yellow Ochre, Titanium White, Alizarin Crimson, Prussian Blue
I paint the skin in lots and lots and lots of thin layers.   I also often make a smoky hazy glaze out of white, prussian blue and van dyke brown if it is getting too cartoony.

It is hard for me to remember sometimes so as I paint a painting every paint I use I put in a basket as I go.  That way when I pick it up the next day I remember how I got my colors. 


  1. Thank you, Carrie for sharing your palette--your lady is amazing!!!

  2. Hi, Carry!! What a lovely painting!!! It is not uncommon for artists to share their secrets!Do not know how much I appreciate. Thank a loooooooot!!! Big, big hug!!!!

  3. I love this information, very helpful!
    Thanks for sharing!