Monday, May 24, 2010

Hold on listing coming.

This is my lady as of a couple days ago- she looks quite a bit different now.  I am still learning this fresco thing so sometimes learning new techniques slows me down.  I found that Golden has a facebook page where you can ask tech support questions and chat with other artists- loving it!  Did you know they are a completely employee owned company?  So Cool.

I did not use water on this one at all and as a result there was much deeper cracking.  I also used a thicker layer of paste which I think contributed to deeper cracking and more texture.
her face had a lot of texture which is what I was going for but the texture showed up in the wrong places and I didn't quite like it so I sanded it - just looked messed up then....started over with the pastes (included light molding paste this time) and paint.  She's looking up now!  Should be up tomorrow or the next day.  This time I am going to apply the medium layer and varnish before I list.   The Graces (remember them?) came out great but I tested small spots first because she already had bids- very laborious.

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