Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goofing off pays....

I just kept tooling around the internet today.  I actually did get a lot done in the art room and around the house but I kept going back.  I started to feel guilty but then...
I have this fresco I am so nuts about and usually when I paint a painting the finishing is so by rote for me.  I take the pictures before I varnish because I feel I get better photos.   I always varnish the same - I make my own mixture of 1/3 gloss and 2/3 matte.  I find this keeps the painting the same but evens out some glare and pulls out enough color without making it look plasticky. 
In all my tooling around/ goofing off I went back to the Golden website just to check in on the whole fresco process and I found out I am going to have to finish this baby in a different way.   Just applying varnish because of the absorbency would give it a frosted look - whew that was close.  I need to apply a soft gel/water medium first.
I am going to A.C. Moore tomorrow.  I always go there when I need just one thing because they always have a 1/2 off coupon for one item on their website.


  1. I think I go to Michael with the coupons more than I go to the market for groceries!~ (don't tell my family)
    so, this will be something like golden soft gel medium? sounds like you almost have to be a chemist to get all these parts working in harmony!

  2. your secret is safe with me! Thanks for your comments - I like talking about this and my husband's eyes glaze over. Yes the website recommended soft gel medium gloss mixed w/water but I got semi gloss bc I like the matte texture. It does seem complicated - even on the website they say they are still figuring out the chemistry. I hope they don't abandon the product bc it's unpredictable. I like its unpredictability. I started a new one and didn't use as much water this time and it has cracked more than the first.

  3. I love texture and I love your painting. I found you on Jane desRosier's blog. I really like your artwork and I especially like how open you are to sharing. I am excited to follow your blog. Thanks for your open-hearted kindness.