Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shipping tricks and tips ...a peek into my email box

I am including a recent email exchange I had with another artist about shipping techniques.  We both agreed that if I posted this to my blog some other artists would get something out of it, so here it is.....

Q:  This is an amazing painting! I am an artist here on EBAY, and also on ETSY, I also sell in local Galleries. I don't sell here all the time because I become some frustrated with finding boxes to ship my paintings in and also the cost of shipping.. My question to you is how to you ship for only $12.00 and where do you get your boxes? Thanks for any help you can give, me..I am frustrated!

Me: Hey there - and I know - I struggled with shipping for awhile but I figured it out. I get my boxes either from uline or papermart. The shipping is a bit expensive but I buy in bulk so I don't have to order too often. USPS as soon as the box gets over 4 inches (even slightly) gets ridiculously expensive. I found fedex is the cheapest way to ship. Insurance is cheap too. I opened an online account and print the labels from home (gives an extra discount) and then drop off. Sometimes I lose a couple bucks on shipping just for the boxes and bubble wrap but it's not too bad. The only time I use USPS is for small pkgs where I can use their boxes or International. I wouldn't rec fedex for intl. Oh and for really big paintings I usually rig up my own box by taping two together. Pain in the butt but saves a lot of $. Hope this helps. Are you on fb? If so look me up - Carrie Joy Art

Q:  Wow, you are so kind...yes I am on FB...

Me:  It's my pleasure. I wish I would have known all that a lot sooner. I was thinking of posting the question and answer on my blog. I won't use your name - unless you want me to link to a blog or website or something. I like being part of an artsy community and helping each other. Have a great weekend!

Q:  You should post it to your has been a serious problem for me! And, I have asked other artists and you are the first person that has had an answer for me...every one else said that they scrounged for them. (I didn't ask Jane). I will be putting new paintings on EBAY soon!

So there it is ....please excuse the typos and abbreviations - we were just shooting back and forth. 

Oh and I swear I will have something on ebay tonight.  It has been a weird creative week but I have something great to share.


  1. Still another reason why I think so highly of you. You are open-hearted and willing to share your knowledge freely so that others can benefit from what you've learned.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thanks so much for a practical approach to this shipping thing! I have only done one very large item and had to combine boxes and use lots of tape also. I have been trying to stick to the size of the prepaid postage boxes!
    this will help set me free!!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I have always just used USPS. I will check Fedex then.I always offer free shipping, so if i can use a cheaper but still with great service, will be awesome.